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ZPEC Equipment Group Introduction

Zhongman Petroleum Equipment Group Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhongman Petroleum and Natural Gas Group Corp., Ltd. It is headquartered in the Heavy Equipment Zone of the Shanghai Lingang Area. It specializes in the design, manufacture, sales, leasing, and technical services of petroleum drilling equipment and is know as a High-Tech Enterprise in Shanghai.

ZPEC has two manufacture bases. One is in Shanghai Lingang at headquaters and the other is in Chengdu. It owns 6 companies, which are Zhongman Petroleum Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, Sichuan Kunlun Petroleum Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd, Sichuan Zhongman Electrical Engineering and Technology Co., Ltd, Shanghai Zhiyuan Financial Leasing Co., Ltd., Sichuan ZPEC Kaseum Petroleum Technology Co., Ltd., Petroleum Equipment Service Company in Iraq. Additionally, it has an R&D Institution, also known as the Petroleum Equipment Institute.

 With the goal of “Making the best petroleum rig in China”, ZPEC organizes experts in China and abroad to research and develop, and actively innovate, creating a leading position in the field of petroleum equipment manufacturing. ZPEC owns 232 invention patents,utility patents and computer software copyright registration, and many key technologies are in the leading position internationally. Its main drilling rig won the title of “Shanghai Famous Brand Product” and ZPEC was awarded the title of “Shanghai Brand Enterprise”. The R&D Cnter at Kunlun Company was awarded “Sichuan Provincial Enterprise Technology Center”.

ZPEC has excellent strength in R&D and manufacturing of high-end land drilling rigs, components, electrical control systems, and intelligent products. It can not only provide 750 to 3,000HP modular conventional, polar low-temperature drilling rigs, desert fast-moving drilling rigs and off-line automatic drilling rigs, but can also design and manufacture according to the specific needs of its customers.

Financial Leasing

Shanghai Zhiyuan Financial Leasing Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 170 million yuan, is located in the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone. Relying on the Group's equipment manufacturing and engineering service advantages, it specializes in petroleum equipment leasing services, technical services for drilling rigs and top drives, and financing services to provide domestic and foreign customers with good and high-quality services.


ZPEC has more than 30 sets of 675-ton, 450-ton and 225-ton top drives for leasing. The top drive brands include ZPEC, BPM, Jinghong, Tianyi and Tesco. There are also more than 10 sets of electricity network equipment and 4 sets of ZJ70D/DB drilling rigs for rent. At present, it has conducted leasing cooperation business with companies such as Zhongman Drilling, Tuha Drilling Company, Zhundong Drilling Company, Karamay Drilling Company, Anton Oil, Xinjiang Beiken, Qingyang Jishun, Yanan Tengtian and Shaanxi Baochun Company.


ZPEC has a professional service team that provides “Nanny Type” services to oil drilling equipment such as drilling rigs and top drives. Currently, there are more than 30 field service engineers and more than 10 technical support personnel, including 2 senior engineers and 22 engineers, with rich on-site service experience. They can provide professional technical services of top drive, drilling rig.


ZPEC has a variety of operating lease models, and can implement various models such as direct lease, sublease, entrusted lease, and financial lease, which can be adjusted according to the needs of different customers.

After-sale Service
ZPEC provides life-long “Nanny Type” services for products it provides to create value for its customers.
  1. Pre-sale and in sale services

    ZPEC provides a full range of pre-sale and in sale services including assembling tests, technical directing, customer training to operation support, maintenance with full-weather service, etc.

  2. Maintenance service

    When the product fails, you can contact ZPEC’s professionals to provide you with high-quality maintenance services.

  3. 24-hour all-weather technical consultation

    ZPEC maintains after sale outlets and spare parts warehouses in Mid-East, North Africa, Russia, Ukraine, etc., shaping a complete service network to provide 24-hour all-weather technical consultation, spare parts supply, and operational support.

  4. Product customization service plan

    ZPEC can make specific service plans for various customers and products, communicate with customers, take suggestions from its customers to meet their service requirements and demands.

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